Powered ‘soft top’ canvas sunroof

For new and existing designs

Single panel canvas roof with integral headlining facility. Suitable for use on most sizes of Sports cruisers, sport yachts and yachts. It is designed to complement the profile of the yacht.

Technical specifications
  • Roof mechanism capable of accommodating considerable movement and build variation in parent structure of yacht
  • Clear width of opening 60 inch to 120 inch
  • Clear length of opening 60 inch to 120 inch
  • Opening speed nominal 5 metres per minute
  • Low maintenance, self lubricating, self cleaning tracks and cars. Highly polished stainless steel
  • Cars construction Non Hygroscopic plastic
  • Type 316 stainless steel cable system
  • 7 x 19 construction
  • Integral torque limiter built into high tensile brass drive wheel
  • Motor gear box unit:
    • 12 or 24 volt available
    • Fixed ratio gearbox
    • Protected IP54 unit
  • Electrical control box rated IP66
  • Limit sensors fore and aft
  • Electrical overload safety trip
  • Operated by 2 way rocker switch mounted on the dashboard – customer supplied
  • Remote control option available
  • Unit weight 140 lbs. based on 120 inch x 100 inch (excluding canvas)
  • Solid panel supplied by customer
  • Core system is designed to accommodate build variation, extremes of temperature and weather, and structural movement of the boat while at sea
  • Extensive salt spray and function testing is carried out
  • 2 year warranty period from date of delivery (full details available)