Powered narrow track sunroof

New lighter sunroof which can be used on many existing boats

It is ideal for boats where the tracks are narrow and fits many existing roof profiles. It has a maximum travel of 2 metres and a maximum weight of 50 Kgs. 316 grade stainless steel track and rail system.

Technical specifications
  • Self cleaning, self lubricating system incorporating nylon with silicon additive
  • Low profile with self centering cross beams and fabric tensioners
  • Roof mechanism capable of accommodating considerable movement and build variation in parent structure of yacht
  • Cable driven system ensures parallel motion on nose cone without twisting
  • Clear width of opening 60 inch to 120 inch
  • Clear length of opening 60 inch to 120 inch
  • Powered unit supplied with electronic control
  • Bx to IP65 24V or 12V
  • Electrical overload safety trip
  • Canvas supplied by customer or ask Performance Textiles for a quote
  • Core system is designed to accommodate build variation, extremes of temperature and weather, and structural movement of the boat whilst at sea
  • Extensive salt spray and function testing is carried out
  • 2 year warranty period from date of dispatch (full details available)