Automatic powered Bimini System

Great added value bimini for new build yachts or retrofits
  • BHU-001 and BHU-001Y Large bimini Micro hydraulic system fits 1 ½” tube
  • BHU-002 and BHU-002Y Small bimini hydraulic unit fits 1 ¼” tube
  • BHU-003 Large, strong bimini hydraulic unit fits 2”
Technical specifications
  • Connection system allows all micro hydraulic pipe work to be hidden within mountings
  • Coloured pipe system for ease of installation and identification
  • Self tensioning
  • Range of movement 150º as standard
  • Push button control with automatic rocker safety switch
  • Automatic safety override valve
  • Operation warning beeper unit installed in system (can be silenced)
  • Adjustable torque
  • Hydraulic pump unit available in 12 Or 24 volt pump unit box
  • Manual override facility
  • 2 year warranty period from date of delivery (full details available)